Celebrating 10 Years
with Mel Birnkrant's
So Delightful DeeDee!


So Delightful DeeDee is not so hungry as she is mischievous. Because I work with orphaned Baby Faces all the time, I can tell you that DeeDee manages to get herself into more dirt and trouble than anyone else. If they're playing in the mudpuddle then she's the muddiest. If they're in the sandbox then she's buried in it. If it's birthday cake then she's up to her elbows in frosting. This little girl is not on the fringes of what's going on: she's the Instigator!! And then she stands there with her wide eyes and her little tongue sticking out just a bit and she says, "Who, ME?" Yes, DeeDee, it's predictable. It's always you.

Pictures are provided by the happy collectors of Baby Face!!




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