Celebrating 10 Years
with Mel Birnkrant's
So Innocent Cynthia!


Cynthia is the quiet one of the family. When she's with her sisters she does not stand out in the crowd. She's the wallflower who quietly makes everyone else look even more lively and vibrant. However, Cynthia is possibly the most beautiful of the first ten dolls. She has a "Grace Kelly" elegance that is very promising, but I think that Cynthia has not yet come into her own. She is most likely the one to ask for horses or cats or other pets. I think there's no doubt that Cynthia loves animals and books. However, Cynthia has surprised us by coming on strong as a Flamenco dancer, a Vegas Showgirl and a Hollywood Star. I think that her hidden talents will continue to surprise us in years to come.

Thank you to all the Collectors who provided pictures!




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