Celebrating 10 Years
with Mel Birnkrant's
So Sweet Sandi!


Baby Face So Sweet Sandi was the first "face" mold that Mel Birnkrant designed. Using Sandi's sculpy head as the model, he created a mold from which he made the other heads so all the heads had the same basic shape and size. With each new sculpy mold he fashioned a new facial expression. The photo at left is a doll made of sculpy, she is not vinyl. This is the very first and original doll that was later known as So Sweet Sandi.

When the second series of dolls was manufactured, the #1 head mold was produced as So Sweet Marcy, with short blonde hair and a purple ponytail. The second series of dolls was shown at Toy Fair in 1992, so we will celebrate Marcy's ten year anniversary next year!

Mel Birnkrant originally envisioned the Baby Face dolls as "fashion babies" and although Galoob did not allow Baby Face dolls to fulfill that vision on the retail market, the collectors of Baby Face have privately turned her into quite a fashion model. Her loving "Moms" have given her a fabulous wardrobe that ranges from casual to dressy, funky to fantasy and of course she always has special outfits for every holiday!

Pictures are provided by the happy collectors of Baby Face!!



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